KBL Block making mould

Apr 27, 2023

Green construction looks beyond the readily apparent aspects of the office or building to create a space that addresses the comfort, health and broader environmental impacts of the construction/remodeling process.

Buildings, infrastructure and the environment are inextricably linked. Energy, materials, water and land are all consumed in the construction and operation of buildings and infrastructure. Green construction aims to create the balance between what we seek to build and what our environment can ultimately support

Advantages of our machines

Quality is updated every year, reputation is good, quality is good, old customers return high rate.Annual output up to: 200-300 / year.

Vibration box eccentricity is large, the vibration speed is fast, the cloth is fast, the molding is fast, so the actual output is higher than the theoretical output.We can do it in 12 seconds now.

The brick is very flat, and the four angles are within 1 millimeter.(The error is large because the cloth is not uniform, and the vibration eccentricity is small).

The paint is of superior quality, good color and brightness.

It’s the backbone of green building core strength


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