• Green building---the environmental protection Apr 27, 2023
    Technology Efficiency: Actually constructing a building requires a lot of energy. This is usually in the form of fossil fuels and so releases CO2 and other emissions. If you make this process more efficient you can complete more buildings in less time. This significantly reduces the environmental impact per building. Another inefficiency comes from construction’s reliance on a large temporary workforce and the inefficient way this workforce is managed. If you use a contractor management system you can ensure that workers receive the proper training and that they arrive ready to work on day one. No more waiting around means projects take less time to complete. Green architecture is the integrated use of various techniques, is neither a pure and simple "green", nor does it imply roof garden, vertical greening construction idea, green building to comprehensive development innovation enough raw materials, in maintaining the buildings surrounding residents' physical and mental health status of the premise condition, avoid the traditional area and the ecological environment system cause serious damage,The specific operation mode is to make use of natural lighting and natural ventilation and other functional characteristics, so that the majority of residents have the sensory effect of returning to nature, and further implement the concept of sustainable planning and development of various socialist undertakings.

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