Benefits of Green Construction

Apr 27, 2023

The initial costs of green construction can be higher than conventional construction. Any extra cost is usually in the design and construction phase. Yet, some studies show there is actually little to no difference in costs. Either way, it is worth investing a fraction more in the early stages because you gain once the building is up and running. Studies have shown that houses built using green techniques achieve higher rents and property prices.


The economic benefits of green construction are broader than individual projects. Governments offer various tax breaks and incentives to reduce consumption of energy and fossil fuels. More countries are including sustainability as policy. The Irish government recently released Project Ireland 2040, an infrastructure plan for the next 25 years. The plan included a €500 million climate action fund for green initiatives. Green construction was an important part of the plan with strategic points including:

Investment in energy efficiency, with 45,000 upgrades to homes

Investment in the energy efficiency of existing commercial and public building stock

Supports for changing out oil-fired boilers to heat pumps, along with the provision of roof solar

The full roll-out of the new Support Scheme for Renewable Heat

Environmental: Construction has a significant impact on the environment. This means that any improvement in construction can have an impact far beyond the sector. At the GoContractor breakfast briefing, Don Ward of Construction Excellence pointed out that young workers are motivated by societal and environmental factors. The construction industry is the perfect fit for these environmentally conscious workers because their jobs can have an impact. Companies should be making this pitch given the current skills shortage.

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